Spectrum has a record of proven customer satisfaction. Richard Isaacson is proud to have loyal and satisfied clients. The average Spectrum client has used our janitorial cleaning services for over 7 years! Owner/Manager Richard Isaacson have over 50 years of combined experience in the janitorial cleaning service industry. They have earned a reputation for being professional men of integrity, and readily accessible to their customers with prompt responses.

What our clients have to say about our janitorial cleaning services:

“I have had 13 years of experience in the business, and I have had five years of the pleasure dealing with your truly professional janitorial firm. The employees of Spectrum are nothing short of amazing to me. They are very service oriented, on top of their commitments, and very proactive to serving the needs of the property they clean and their clients. I highly recommend Spectrum Building Maintenance to other property owners in the medical and multi-tenant arena who could benefit from their professionalism, experience, and dedication to excellence.”

—Tanya Weber, Vice President, Eagle Commercial Realty Services

“Spectrum (with Richard Isaacson at the helm) is a true ‘hands-on’ owner /managed janitorial service. They have provided consistent, quality and personalized service to my companies since 2007 and goes back years longer with other family member owned properties. Spectrum is personal and professional with clients and employees which translates into providing your service for many years.”

— Paul Seivert; Homebuilder, Developer, Remodeler

“In Managing mid-size to large multi-tenant commercial buildings with numerous tenants to keep satisfied, we find Spectrum highly effective in dealing directly with any problems or requests from us or the tenants. They have maintained a high level of service to the buildings and, just as important, a strong professional relationship with Orsett Properties and the tenants in our buildings. The courteous, efficient and consistent quality service minimizes our efforts and expense in this area of building management—and we appreciate that. We would recommend Spectrum Building Maintenance Company to any commercial property management company.”

— Steve Ridgell, Orsett Properties, ltd.

“Your staff has done very well. We’ve experienced few problems or complaints, and when we have, you have addressed them quickly and effectively. Your personal and professional supervision is also an added positive factor, and I appreciate how accessible you’ve always been when I’ve needed to contact you. Overall, I’m very pleased.”

— Terry Kelman, Kelman-Weiss Enterprises, a valued Spectrum client for for 15 years.

“With eighteen to twenty children eating, painting, playing, and using the restrooms, our Head Start classrooms can be very challenging to clean. For the health and safety of our children and families, we have very stringent sanitation guidelines. Spectrum Building Maintenance has worked as a partner with us to enable us to provide a clean classroom environment.”

— Pat Morgan-Martinez, Head Start Facilities Manager, a valued Spectrum client for 12 years.

“We just want to thank you and your staff for your consistency in the quality of services extended to our business. We appreciate the cooperation we’ve received from your staff, your attention to detail and your periodic follow up to make sure our needs are being met. We can recommend Spectrum’s services without reservations.”

— Bill Eaton, President of Eaton and Associates, Inc., a valued Spectrum client for 6 years.

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