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Richard Isaacson

Spectrum_Sadie Such Photography-32Richard Isaacson is a professional in the Commercial Cleaning industry with over 25 years of experience. Richard started in the cleaning industry in 1989 by cleaning buildings at night while attending Arizona State University during the day. Richard graduated with a degree in Business Management and, quickly moved up in the cleaning industry. He took on different roles and learned all the phases of the business.

Richard worked as the Major Account Manager for the corporate side of a large franchise cleaning company. In this role, he was a liaison between franchisees, customers, and corporate — helping guide franchisees to grow their business. Richard then worked for a large local cleaning company which subsequently became a regional company. He moved up the ranks and became the Vice President of Operations for Arizona. He was responsible for over 350 employees and led a very successful operations team that stressed quality and customer service.

Richard has lived in Arizona since he was six years old and is married to his beautiful wife Alicia, with three children Kyle, Abbie, and Savana. He is a sports fan of the local teams and enjoys swimming with the family and playing billiards.

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