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Spectrum owners and managers, Dave Jones and Richard Isaacson, bring a wealth of experience to maintain the quality you need and deserve.

Our Story

Owner Dave Jones started Spectrum in 1997 because he knew he could do better than other janitorial cleaning services.

Spectrum_Sadie Such Photography-21Dave had seen first-hand the limits of large janitorial cleaning services and the difficulties customers had in getting managers to pay attention to their concerns. Corporate office companies were disconnected from their clients and unable to be flexible to adapt to their needs. Customers had to fight for attention from overworked and undertrained supervisors, and it was hard to get a response when cleaning wasn’t done right. What’s more, the employees hired by large commercial janitorial companies often had poor training, limited communication skills, and high turnover rates.

Salesmen with glossy brochures and fancy suits made promises that nightly cleaning crews with poor work ethics and/or poor supervision failed to meet. Business owners wanting a clean office had to hand over the keys and hope for the best.

When Dave founded Spectrum, he resolved to be a hands-on manager who is easily accessible and ready to respond right away. He develops lasting relationships with his clients by getting to know their “tics”, being flexible to adjust to the needs of unique buildings and work spaces, and always responding to a business owner’s needs or complaints directly.

Spectrum_Sadie Such Photography-25Richard Isaacson joined Dave with more than 25 years in the commercial janitorial industry. With a degree in Business Management from ASU, he brought a wealth of expertise to Spectrum (10 years as VP of Operations for a national company). Together, Dave and Richard broadened Spectrum’s business while holding firm to the owner-managed structure. They take a ‘hands-on’ approach as managers — hiring, training, and managing employees carefully (resulting in lower turnover). The average Spectrum employee has been with the company for two years (much longer than the industry standard). Some have been with the company for over 10 years!

The owners intentionally keep this janitorial cleaning business small enough to provide personal service to every customer. They chose not to expand the business outside of the Phoenix metro area, so that they could keep a close eye on quality. Most importantly, they are committed to providing a prompt response whenever something isn’t right.

Spectrum is working to bring a personal connection back to a disconnected world and put companies back in control of their office spaces. With the professionalism and quality of larger janitorial cleaning services, but with all the flexibility and follow-through of a smaller office cleaner, Spectrum treats you like a person.

Spectrum heads into the future eager to bring responsive, personal janitorial cleaning services to even more of Phoenix while maintaining the quality and personal touch of an owner-managed business. While staying on top of the industry to provide innovative new techniques and equipment, Dave Jones and Richard Isaacson are committed to never become “Too Large” to know their customers as individuals!

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